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Ingenious Solutions has the expertise and technology needed to provide you Web Analytics meaningful insights and actions. Our range of analytics services contains all the customizations to help you understand better and effortlessly how to achieve your business goals.Tracking and reporting your online marketing strategy is critical for your success.

Monitoring your web performance, ensuring you that you will not miss any opportunities and revenue as a result.

Ingenious Solutions have Certified professionals who can assist you in building reports fitting to your needs, guidance, recommendations, and custom variable enhancements to track your business’s critical metrics.


Our analytics services include:

  • Custom Measurement Projects
  • Custom Report & Dashboard Development
  • Measurement & Analytics Audit
  • Analytics Strategy Development
  • Test Design

With reporting Suite, you can use multiple profiles from different  accounts. All accessible reports (visitors, traffic, and content) are available, and you can also view your goal values and data segmentation.
The five main reporting groups are Real-Time (live data), Audience (including geography, technology, demographics), Acquisition (traffic sources, social, AdWords), Behaviour (landing pages, content performance, events), and Conversions (goals, eCommerce, attribution).
We’re going to focus on how to set up a tracking code to capture information about your website visitors, create admins who can run reports in your account, and customize your own experience within Google Analytics.
The Multi-Channel Funnel reports recently added in Google Analytics can help us determine how nicely Social Media plays with others. The typical time lag from the first visit to final checkout and common paths visitors take to and from social media on their way to an eventual conversion event.


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