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Hotel Marketing Strategy

Research before taking action.

Hotel Internet Marketing is to improve a hotel’s website appearance when someone searches for booking a hotel in a city..

The ability of potential clients to book online or find a room that fits their needs is a must-have to your hotel website.

When you own this hotel booking engine, it is better to handle your reservations.

Ingenious solutions holistic approach delivering hotel internet marketing solutions across Social media, search engines, travel websites, and forums.
All our efforts are to get more online bookings from your booking engine.

Our strategy services include:

  • Web Design
  • Online Booking Engine
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Paid search Marketing

Digital marketing strategies for the hotel business after the research we made should contain search engine optimization, paid and organic channels ensuring your hotel visibility, and at the end, the booking step.

We were using hotel digital marketing tools and the experience of the guests to influence more people and through email marketing, re-marketing, social media,  and reminding  old guests the fantastic time they had,  ensuring their return, creating at the same time new guests.

Ingenious solutions specialize in helping hoteliers build their Internet marketing and strategy, boost the hotel Internet marketing presence, establish interactive relationships with their customers, and increase online bookings.

We are monitoring our hotels’ online performance, using the data to optimize our internet campaigns to increase direct bookings and revenue.

Implementing paid ad campaigns on multiply channels, depending on budget, so our hotels to be on the same page when potential guests are ready to book.

When the digital hotel marketing implemented effectively, your hotel advertisements will float on every specified search engine result page elevated number of bookings are granted.

We specialize in search engine rankings for hotels and hotel chains.


These days the quests first place to go to make their travel plans is the web and the major global search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In the first place in organic search results appearing the online travel agencies (OTAs). The average online searcher will visit at least fourteen websites when researching a trip with one to be the website of the Hotel, where they will stay.
The reason they are doing this is that they would like to informed through online websites. They can not get these elsewhere as the photo gallery, their facilities, and amenities; any promotions might have, the local POI and everything else can found. This way helping them selfs to get a clearer picture to decide.
Even if your hotel business gets its reservations from third-party channels and also if you’ve got a substantial percentage, it is always essential to establish your web presence. Your online presence is vital because it appears your marketing messages at any time. Modern website design to get more guests is a must-have for your hotel business.



Display Advertising & Paid search as well are useful tools that even with a small hotel marketing budget can leverage to take more reservations. Also, if it is so simple to use and to bid specific keywords or key phrases with the highest bid to win the impression, it needs to be managed to get the maximum ROI. They are a marketing strategy that can fill more rooms if you are implementing them correctly.
Ingenious Solutions manage Display Advertising & Paid search accounts and increasing your ROI with remarkable results.


This new hotel marketing strategy call retargeting is to encourage previous website visitors, revisit the website, and book a hotel room.
This new marketing tool works by presenting to past visitors advertisements on their favorite sites. It is an excellent lead generation tool giving the ability for better results.


The conclusion in Google’s recent study about mobile internet usage is that most people visit your website from a mobile device than from desktop or laptop. In other words, if your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you are missing new online reservations.
Getting more profound in this study. We can see that 75% of mobile internet searchers are saying that if the website is not for mobile-optimized, they do not prefer to book a room, and going further, 40% say they are likely to book with a nearby competitor which is optimized. The significant 50% say that they will not return if it is not optimized, and 57% say that they will not recommend the Hotel to their social circle.
Mobile hotel internet marketing is not something that will pass and end as a season trend; it came to stay and is an essential part of hotel internet marketing. If you don’t have a website with a responsive design, it is time to change it.


As you are browsing with your smartphone on the web, we will have seen the mobile ads appearing in thin ad design for mobile devices. These ads are a new field and can drive over to 11% more clicks from a general ad campaign and the click to call campaigns will give you additionally a 6-8%. Don’t know where and how to start giving us a call for more.


The Hotel’s social media presence is vital for your hotel business. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools when you can use them right. According to stats, hotels that don’t market their business on social media experience a 2% drop in traffic for every month. Hotel businesses that market their hotels become social media hotels and increase their views on average by 14% each month.
The reason to include social media in a well-organized hotel internet marketing strategy certainly is not the stats but is where your guests are. With users all over the world to log on every day, Facebook is a social search engine that connects people with their friends and provides information relevant to them, including the travel information. These days it is vital to claim new social guests, ensuring that your Hotel has an optimized Facebook presence.


At the same time, you are bidding on Google paid search and display network for ad space at your hotel marketing strategy because so many people using Google search the same thing you can do at social media. Facebook advertising platform using the same concept and is useful for your marketing purposes as Google.
Facebook is giving you exposure to millions of travelers and their friends and their friend’s friends. Facebook insights its a powerful tool, providing useful information’s about your social marketing, and you can use these metrics to decide further to improve your ads for better ROI.


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